December 5, 2016 Beatle Mania


The School Boys, Beatle Mania, Palace M-778, 1964

This one is really odd.  I mean, I get that we all need to make money to live.  I get that the buyer needs to beware.  But still, these people put out this record and hoped to sell it to people who they know would instantly regret it.  I’m not blaming the people who recorded the music heard on the record, they clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.  In fact, the people who sing I Want To Hold Your Hand and three other songs on side one don’t seem to be the same group that performs on the rest of the album.


The bulk of the record is clearly performed by an African American band that sounds more like The Drifters than The Beatles.  The lead singer does his best to imitate the “Mmm-mmm” riff heard on Under The Boardwalk as often as possible.  It’s almost as if they recorded most of this record in the Fall of 1963, never released it, and then added a white group’s hasty re-recording of The Beatles’ first hit before putting it out.


First things first, though, they should have known that there were only four Beatles, and not five, as drawn on the cover.  Then, maybe find someone who could produce a better word salad than is served up on the back cover of the sleeve.  It’s one thing to talk about haircuts and describe the port life of the residents of Liverpool, but it won’t really fool many people into thinking this was really the actual group that sings the song that is playing on the radio twice an hour.  And 53 years after that record came out, it’s just all the more ridiculous to listen to this now.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $598 Remaining


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