December 4, 2016 Love Me, No


The Chipmunks, the Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits, Liberty LRP-3388, 1964

I promise.  No More Chipmunks.  I’m only featuring this flood damaged record as a testament to how deeply the mania surrounding The Beatles became.  When I Want To Hold Your Hand hit the US charts in January, 1964, the music business changed.  But not everyone knew what the change meant.


When The Twist changed everything, the imitation record thrived.  There were a million twist records that came out and sold well.  Other dance records came out like the mashed potatoes did phenomenally well.  Records came out about dances that didn’t exist like The Locomotion and went to number one.


So, sure, if you’re Ross Bagdasarian and doing a good business selling Chipmunk records, why not jump on the latest “craze” to hit the business?  Except that the craze was a moving away from the way the music business was done before and toward a genuine and artist based concept that made records like this immediately irrelevant.  Not to say that this is the worst of the Beatles tribute records I’ve collected.  Finding this gem on my shelf lead me to search out others.  Even I can’t believe how many schlocky knock off records I have!  So yes, while I many have owned this record for a few years without listening to it, this could be the best of the records I’m about to feature.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $6, $601 Remaining


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