November 22, 2016 They Can’t All Be Great


Buzz Goertzen, The Idaho Yodeler, Ripcord SLP-1038, 197?

The title says it all today.  There’s really no one I can imagine outside an immediate family member who would want an album of Idaho themed yodels.  Buzz Goertzen (pronounced Gertson) will never be compared favorably with The Beatles (pronounced Beetles), and for most music fans the for profit yodel market was completely monopolized by Slim Whitman.  So, no, even though I was outrageously overcharged ($2) for this record, I confess to buying this record for the cover.  I mean, really, that suit.


The Pocatello fashion scene aside, I really got this record to give as a gag gift.  I know people in Idaho, and who wouldn’t want this framed and hanging in their home?  But in answer to all your questions, yes, I did listen to this.  On the plus side, its in near mint condition, owing to the fact that unplayed records stay in good shape.  Other than that, I guess about the nicest thing I could say is that he did make a solidly competent yodel record here.


And he’s still at it!  I got a real thrill to find that he has a solidly competent website, detailing his winter touring schedule of the snowbird RV parks in the Yuma Arizona area.  Come Spring, I have no doubt that that RV will be heading North, Back To Good Old Idaho!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $634 Remaining


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