November 21, 2016 ‘Nuff Said


Duke Ellington, Ellington ’55, Capitol W-521, 1955

Just like yesterday’s Sophie Tucker record, it’s not everyday that you find an original Duke Ellington record.  Technically, this isn’t a record of new material, but they are period recordings by the the big band just as that era was fading.  Still, it’s a really great collection of songs done by world class jazz orchestra, what could go wrong?


Well, for one, its really worn out.  The jacket is faded and there’s 50 year old tape holding together the split seams.  That’s usually not a good sign, but I was curious.  Taking a chance on a $2 record isn’t really all that risky, so I went for it.


It’s scratchy for sure, but the sound on this 61 year old record is really incredible.  The horns really shine through, and the sound is unmistakably Ellington.  So the lesson for today is a simple one:  sometimes the best records can come from the bins no one bothers to look through.  Soundtracks, Easy Litening, and Jazz bins on average have many more great records than do the Rock and Soul bins.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $636 Remining


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