November 18, 2016 Guess Who?


Neil Diamond, Shilo, bang 221, 1970

I don’t think even Neil Diamond would call himself much of a pin up boy.  But what Bang Records did to him here is a bit much.  After all, relying on the listener to draw your image is a bit mean.  But such was the relationship with the artist and his former associates in 1970.  Mr. Diamond left Bang for Uni Records in 1968, but they kept releasing “new” Neil Diamond records from old tapes well into the 70s.


This is kind of a greatest hits package, with many of the songs having been some of his earliest hits.  But Bang would sometimes “augment” the originals with strings or horns or a choir to make them sound “modern”.  Shilo was a 1967 album track, but it became a decent sized hit after being tarted up and rush released as a follow up to the top ten hit Holly Holy.


Because of the new hit and all the old hits, this record became Neil’s best selling Bang album.  It really is great to have the early classics on one record, even though I prefer the original more acoustic versions of the title track and Solitary Man.  It doesn’t really change my mind about buying greatest hits packages, but the cover makes this a must have.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $642 Remaining

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