November 15, 2016 Darwin’s Favorite Record


Various Artists, Rock & Roll Evolution Or Revolution, Laurie SLP-2044, 1964

It’s not often that I buy compilation records.  Usually they are very cheaply or filled with some really odd choices.  If anything, I tend to go for hilarious covers or really crazy themes.  Like this record.  It tries to be a history lesson for Rock music, even though it came out in 1964, just 9 years after Bill Haley’s Rock Around The Clock..  


In typical record company fashion, Laurie Records in this case, virtually all of the selections come from Laurie or some other small New York based independent label.  While Elvis Presley and The Beatles get a mention on the back cover, a low budget record like this could never have afforded the rights to re-relrease a song from either of them.


Not that the record plays more than a verse of each song.  It’s really a documentary, written and announced by Norm N. Night.  Anyone familiar with that name knows that he made a career around trying to be an authority on Rock music on radio.  It’s this record where he got his start doing that, and it’s a pretty great bit of radio as well as music history.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $647 Remaining


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