November 13, 2016 Strollin’ In The Park


Roberta Flack, Feel Like Makin’ Love, Atlantic SD-18131, 1975

She doesn’t get enough credit today, but Roberta Flack was probably the best selling female solo artist for a few years in the early 70s.  This album was the last one released during that incredible streak.  Curiously, it came out 10 months after the #1 title track, but it’s still a fantastic record that blends soul with jazz and pop.


There’s not much to the artwork, but the front cover does imply winter turning into spring.  That’s good because that’s the first line of the first song on side one.


It’s a gatefold cover, so at least on the inside we get a small picture of baby Roberta and not much else beyond some really great credits.  I’ve been lucky enough to see both Patti Austin and Betty Buckley in concert, and it’s great to know they’re singing the background vocals.


I know this isn’t really a theme week, but I’ve been finding really great records to show.  Not just random oddities that fit my budget but very solidly done music that just doesn’t get heard much these days.  This album is really great and all it took to take home forever was $2 and about 2 hours of sifting through 2000 used R&B records.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $650 Remaining


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