November 10, 2016 The No. 1 Surfing Group In Italy


The Beach Boys, Surfing’ USA, Capitol T-1890, 1963

The eternal city is a great place to find a classic record from a group that was perceived as a fad.  Surfing’ USA was a huge hit for The Beach Boys, the follow up album to Surfing’ Safari, but Capitol Records was treating the group as a fad who’s popularity would soon end.  My evidence?  The stock photo of an anonymous surfer is on the front cover, instead of a smiling picture of the happy group.


Capitol didn’t really bother too much with the back cover either, using an outtake from the Surfing’ Safari cover photo shoot, along with some random studio shots.  Mainstay Al Jardine wasn’t yet prepared to leave dental school for something so foolish as recording for Capitol Records, so The Wilson brother’s neighbor, 14 year old David Marks is still in the group as rhythm guitarist.


This copy of the record, still in it’s original shrink wrap came with me on my recent tour of Europe.  I was interested in seeing if there was a market for selling fairly easy to find records in places where they aren’t very easy to find.  So much so that I couldn’t find a record store in Italy to offer it to.  Anyway, having a near mint condition of one of my favorite group’s best early records is a good thing.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $656 Remaining


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