November 8, 2016 Someone Has To Lose


Marimba Gallito?, Musical Souvenir From Guatemala, Tikal LP-5, 19??

Someone will win tonight’s presidential election.  For the losers, it will be time to get out of dodge.  Guatemala offers an attractive place to move for those that can’t accept the results.  But did you know that Guatemala offers “Eternal Spring”?  I’m not sure that Canada or Iceland can make that claim…


This would usually be the paragraph where I talk about the music of the album.  Frankly, it sounds like Mallet Mischief performed by a taqueria mariachi band.  But oooh Guatemala provides an open window to the Indian and Spanish culture from the heart of America.


So, consider Guatemala as a place to move to.  I know I am.

Today’s Summary:
Cost $1, $665 Remaining


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