November 6, 2016 From Bugging to Being Bugged


The Goldwaters, Folk Songs To Annoy The Liberals, Greenleaf Records M101-63A, 1964

Folk music was big on college campuses in the early 60s.  The songs carried a message unlike the music of Frankie Avalon, but the message leaned towards liberal ideas (at least as far as conservatives were concerned).  So it was only a matter of time until a college folk group that wasn’t in possession of any hammers or bells got a song to sing that blew from a rightward wind.  Unfortunately for these boys and the cute AuH2O sweaters that made them the envy of (nearly) every Goldwater Girl, the times weren’t a-changin’ their way.


It’s not as if they didn’t try.  They (kinda) can sing and play, it’s just that making fun of buddhist monks that protested the government of South Vietnam wasn’t going to endear them to a much larger audience.  No, LBJ isn’t the candidate of Fidel Castro any more than Bobby Kennedy was planning a communist takeover of the government, no matter how much you sound like The Chad Mitchell Trio.


Maybe the whole thing is a laugh and not meant to be taken seriously.  There’s canned laughter and applause on the songs.  It’s so bad that it’s literally the same pre-recorded reaction every other time.  Plus their name!  Win or lose, getting bookings as The Goldwaters was going to be hard after the election.  Just ask The Palins!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $669 Remaining


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