November 5, 2016 Not Everyone Wins (or Wins)


Adlai Stevenson, The Stevenson Wit, RCA Victor VDM-107, 1965

For every presidential election, there is a a winner and a loser.  Not every loser immediately comes to mind, in a way that not every #2 hit is as well known as the least known #1 hit.  Poor Adlai Stevenson is in a really rare club; he managed to lose twice to the same President.


This record, released as a memorial after his death in 1965, and narrated by NBC News’ David Brinkley, is a sort of greatest hits of his speaking style.  I’m not really sure that people really speak like he did anymore.  Outside of an episode of Downton Abbey that is.


Big major record labels like RCA had variations that distinguished the material on the records.  The red RCA label was reserved for the most high brow releases.  Their usual pop label was black, so Mr. Stevenson must have rated pretty highly to get this kind of memorial.  Time will tell if Michael Dukakis or Mitt Romney gets a similar tribute.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $671 Remaining


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