October 20, 2016 Striking While The Silver Is Hot


Linda Fratianne, Dance & Exercise With The Hits, Columbia BFC 37653, 1981

Some say that Linda Fratianne was robbed of the gold medal in figure skating at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Pacid, New York.  Absoluelty no one says she was robbed of a gold record for releasing an exercise record in the wake of her not quite Dorothy Hamill skating success.


It’s not like this was some “as seen on tv” quickie either.  No less than Columbia Records came up with this idea, and they gave permission for the rights to some of their biggest current hits (though not the actual records, the music was performed by “The Beachwood All-Stars”).  The non olympians who bought this record were egged on to try to touch their toes to How Do I Survive, while looking at a very basic instruction book with Bette Davis Eyes.


What did this record in was the breakaway success of the Jane Fonda Workout album that came out a few months later.  Barbarella’s record featured the actual hits, by actual recording artists, and it sold in the millions.  There’s no information on Linda Fratianne’s reaction to her second second place finish in two years, but it’s safe to assume that the John Birch Society weren’t the only ones who weren’t Fonda Jane.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $699 Remaining

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