October 18, 2016 Hello, I’ll Buy You



The Doors, Waiting For The Sun, Elektra EKS-74024, 1968

Even if you don’t listen to it, when you find a $2 Doors album in decent shape, buy it.  For how limited their output was, they made a few albums that only continue to grow in value as time goes by.  Because every day 1500 boys turn 15, and they love The Doors.


This isn’t one the “great” doors albums, but it has one of the great Doors songs, Hello, I Love You.  Collectors of 45s will search high and low for early pressings of the single when the title was officially Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name, but that never made it on to the album.  This one did come with a neat sticker to help sell the album after the song hit #1.


The rest of the record is really far out if you’re under the spell of The Lizard King, but pretty tedious to sit through if your mojo is no longer risin’.  But records like this are essential to collect, especially if you can find them at a good price.  You not only get the hit, but you get completely bizarre 1960s nonsense like Yes, The River Knows.  And you can always sell it for double to a 15 year old!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $703 Remaining

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