October 15, 2016 Cruise With Me Baby


Various Artists, Crusin’ 1963, Increase Records IN 2008, 1972

The Cruising’ series is a totally zany set of albums.  Each one is put together to mimic an hour long radio show (even though they run about 40 minutes each).  Each year’s album features a different city with a local DJ, and they come complete with vintage commercials and station jingles.  This one features a couple in a coffee house listening to a folk singer, but with a beautiful, brand new Studebaker Avanti parked outside.


The 1963 edition features New York, and B. Mitchell Reed, one of the WMCA Good Guys.  The music choices are decent, but they tend to lean to the sort of labels that would be eager to have their back catalogue attached to something like this for a little extra cash.


I would understand why some people could be upset, thinking that they are buying a compilation album, only to get it home and hear B. Mitchell Reed extolling the virtues of a 1963 Rambler, but I love these records.  I got lucky to find the entire collection on eBay for very little money, but somehow hearing it on vinyl feels even more authentic.  I’d love to collect the all of them.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $709 Remaining


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