October 13, 2016 Can’t Buy Me Love On Sale


Various Artists, Current Hits Volume #14, Hit Records 414, 1964

We’ve also had a run in with the offerings of the Hit Recording Company of Nashville Tennessee.  They we’re probably the most famous (egregious?) of the discount record companies.  Their cover versions, though, we’re just so bad that they’re oddly compelling.  The musicians were all Nashville Cats with some downtime and looking for a quick buck.


The one is really great.  The liner notes are all dedicated to the rise of The Beatles, but they run 400 words without mentioning them.  They did work in the War Of 1812 though.  Covering The Beatles is always an expensive proposition, but there are ways around that.  Naturally Can’t Buy Me Love was a Beatles tune, but one of their biggest hits of 1964 was their cover of The Isley Brother’s Twist And Shout.  And those are much cheaper rights to have to pay for.


They did their best to cover the rest of the early hits of the year too, but ooh, there’s a lot of jumping around the various popular genres of the day.  I mean, no self respecting mixed tape would ever go from the R&B grooves of Betty Everett and into the folk sounds of The Serendipity Singers.  Still, I will always buy these kinds of records.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $713 Remaining


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