October 12, 2016 Just When You Thought You’d Heard It All


Fats & The Chessmen, Let’s Twist To The Oldies, Stereo Fidelity SF-15500, 1962

I know we just did a week of discount twist records, but when I found this one, it threw me for a loop.  Twisting To The Oldies sounds like something Richard Simmons might have put out, or some kind of tribute album with 90s artists covering songs from the Twist era.


But no, this is just your standard issue early 60s discount record.  So what then counted as an oldie in 1962?  Well, naturally, music of the early 20th century in the Public Domain.  Anyone can cover songs like When The Saints Come Marchin’ In or Sweet Adeline and owe no royalties.  That makes them very popular tunes to cover, especially if you’re the Stereo Fidelity Record Company of Media Pennsylvania.


I have a mental image of Fats & The Chessmen (and only a mental image because there’s not one picture of them on the album cover).  They were probably a bunch of high school or early college students who were eager to get into the music business.  “Artists” like them are very willing to work for a price, and not just because their summer can’t keep time.  Unfortunately, this record was, by all accounts, their artistic and commercial peak.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $715 Remaining


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