October 9, 2016 Baby, Check The Label


Glenn Yarbrough, Baby The Rain Must Fall, RCA LSP-3422, 1965?

I’ve said it many times here, I don’t necessarily buy records for the music on them, but rather for the experience of listening to the music in the format that it was engineered for.   So I don’t usually go for greatest hits packages, and I really don’t go for re-issued records.


Some records, Rubber Soul, Pet Sounds, Bookends, to name three have never been out of print since the day they were issued.  So a collector looking for a first pressing needs to be familiar with the record labels that were current when an album was released to know that it’s an original.  Other records, say Introducing The Beatles on Vee Jay, or Harry Breuer’s Mallet Mischief, obviously weren’t re-released for business or quality reasons.  But sometimes, it can be really hard to tell if a record is an original.


Nothing about this album ever says it should have been re-issued in the 70s.  The title track single was a number one country hit, but only a number twelve pop hit.  Glenn Yarbrough also isn’t the kind of household name that people clamor for years past their peak of popularity.  So when I was flipping through a $1 clearance bin and say the cover, I tossed it into my pile, eager to hear the original hit on vinyl.  It was only when I went to listen to the record to write this entry that I saw this was an early 1970s RCA label, and not the classic black mid sixties RCA label.  It’s hard to imagine that there was a need for this record to stay in print for 10 years, but here it is.  So it’s kind of a meh discovery, much like the music on it.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $720 Remaining


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