October 8, 2016 Rhoda Flies A Kite


Various Artists, Go Fly A Kite, General Electric Presents, 1966

So lets say you’re flipping through a $1 bargain bin somewhere and you see this odd looking cast album.  Hmm, I think not, you’d say, and you pass.  Then you come back a month later to the same bin and the record is still there.  So you give it a quick glance, opening up the gatefold cover…


…And it looks like any standard college stage production of a Broadway musical.  In fact, the cover says this was a souvenir of the Fifth Electric Utility Executives Conference, logically held in Williamsburg, Virginia from September 19-21, 1966.  How exciting, and how is this even a thing that still exists!


But just as I was going to leave it behind for another few months in the $1 bin, I glanced at the cast.  The second name listed caught my eye.  This record features a pre-Rhoda Valerie Harper!  And sure enough, the best friend a Minneapolis girl could hope to find shines through the bad production numbers.  So it’s not the find of the century, but it’s still a pretty decent oddity to keep around.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $722 Remaning


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