October 6, 2016 It Happened Today


The Ventures, The Ventures’ Christmas Album, Dolton BST-8038, 1965

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to begin laying Christmas records into the blog.  I decided to wait until the day I was confronted with a full on Christmas display.  Low and behold, my local Costco now has a huge floor to ceiling double row of lights tinsel and plastic reindeer.  Behold readers, meet the amazing Ventures’ Christmas Album!


The album is actually a Christmas Classic.  It placed on Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 25 Christmas Albums list at #12.  The band does a really good job at taking rock classic and mixing them into the holiday tunes they play.  It’s a really fun record to listen to any day of the year.  This particular copy, much to my amazement, appears to be signed by the band!  I’m not exactly sure how I can verify that, it’s not like The Ventures are exactly household names this side of Tokyo, but it’s still pretty damn exciting to find that.


Again, the luck might just be that The Ventures were a Pacific Northwest band, and I mostly shop for records in the Pacific Northwest.  I would imagine I would need to go to Detroit to be this lucky with a Temptations album, or New Jersey to find an autographed Four Seasons record.  I doubt they’d cost $2 though!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $725 Remining


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