October 5, 2016 Always Go For The Gold


Grand Funk, We’re An American Band, Capitol SMAS-11207, 1973

1973 was a great year for Rock & Roll.  The Rolling Stones and The Who were keeping the British Invasion alive, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were perfecting album oriented Rock, and the Solo Beatles were each reaching their creative peaks with Rock, Pop, Country, and Folk sounds.  Meanwhile, in the colonies, Grand Funk somehow managed to do all of that in just one record.  It really doesn’t hold up well today, but this record just amazingly took all that came before it and foreshadowed so much that came after it that it reeks of the summer of ’73.


It has it all!  The shinny gold cover, with only the group name and title on it oozed coolness like The Beatles White Album.  The gatefold cover that opens up into a creepy named photo of the band on one side and a custom icon of a pointing finger especially designed for the record seems just like something The Stones would have thought of, while the music somehow was pop enough to fit seamlessly next to Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy, AND D’Yer Mak’er from Led Zeppelin.  That’s no easy feat, even if it’s all pretty funny looking and sounding today.


My $1 copy not only plays really well, but deep inside the inner sleeve was the remnants of a sticker sheet that must have come in the package!  It looks like it must have been a sheet of 4, but there’s still one left, and it looks as good as new.  So I’m set if for some reason they happen to reunite and do a world tour, I can look like a true fan, and not just some guy who flips through bins of $1 records.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $727 Remaining

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