October 4, 2016 A Disco At 35,000 Feet


Various Artists, Jet Set Dance Discotheque, Audio Fidelity DFS-7041, 1964

I’d actually never heard of the Audio Fidelity record label until this week, but here they are again, 6 years after they rocked the world with Harry Breuer’s Mallet Mischief.  This package is a low budget re-recording of some recent hits, along with some public domain titles, all done in a twisting, limbo-ing, Monkey-ing style.  Just like Harry Breuer’s record, Audio Fidelity made sure that there’s a pretty girl who is clearly feeling the music.  Yes, put this record on at your party, and this woman might just show up and dance.


The company kept the incredibly technical frequency standards as before, but just so you know, your jet set discotheque party will be a hit if your Crossover is 500 CPS.  But what really caught my eye was the “Orchestras” who performed the music.  Not all of the songs have one, but I promise, there is a backing track to Church Key, so feel free to Chicken Back to it.  The rest of the names have very generic names like The Rockers and The Gaslighters, and even the kinda racist The Mariachi’s, who get to perform La Bamba.


The label by 1964 changed from gold to black, but it looks like exactly the same design.  It could be that different factories printed up different colored labels for distribution around the country.  Audio Fidelity probably never had the kind of sales that would justify their own pressing plant, so they farmed the job out to local distributers.  But anyway, I’ll probably never again listen to this album, but I really do love the cover!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $728 Remaining


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