October 3, 2016 Up To No Good


Harry Breuer & His Quintet, Mallet Mischief Vol.2, Audio Fidelity AFLP-1882, 1958

Sometimes, it’s great to know you’re listening to a record that literally no one else on Earth is too.  Once again, there’s scant information about Harry Breuer online, well, outside of a grainy youtube clip of him performing in the 40s.  But who cares!  It’s Mallet Mischief!  The woman on the cover tells you all you need to know; Harry Breuer is either so good that his music will drive you into a frenzy or it’s so terrible that you’ll try to strangle yourself with a pearl necklace.


The truth is that it’s a very funny mix of jet age cocktail music, perfect for your next tiki party.  Just don’t do a reading from the back cover, because it could be the most boring set of liner notes I’ve ever seen.  There’s even an incredibly scientific write up the record’s audio technicalities.  FYI, a $2 Harry Breuer record will sound best when you have your “Rollover” set to 13.75 DB at 10KC.


Records like this came around at about the same time as the first hi-fi systems.  So they really did try to make the most of the new technology.  Records came out that were really nothing more than sound experiments on what was possible.  Pop music took a few years to catch up and work the technical into the music.  Anyway, like I said, I always buy records like this. They’re so much fun and this is the only way you’ll ever get to experience the mischief.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $730 Remaining


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