October 1, 2016 Oktoberfest!


Marlene Dietrich, Wiedersehen Mit Marlene, Capitol T10282, 1960

A little something seasonal today, as we roll into another month.  It’s a supposedly live recording from the supposedly great Marlene Dietrich, but in reality, it’s a collection of studio recordings, recorded in then West Germany, with “live” vocal sounds overdubbed.  Wikipedia says that the record actually came out in East Germany as well, but the communist regime took out the audience sounds.  I guess fun was not allowed in East Germany, and a few months later, the Berlin Wall went up.


I really didn’t mean to degrade Miss. Dietrich just now, it’s just that 40 years after her breakthrough into silent movies, and 20 years after she was a leading German voice against the Nazis, an album of 1960s German Pop music wasn’t what she needed to further her career.  Judy Garland was more able to make that transition, but the stern, serious and direct personality of Marlene Dietrich at nearly 60 years old doesn’t really entertain in the same way.


It’s still nice to hear her voice, no matter how meh the material is.  But this is one album that was fairly priced at $2.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $734 Remaining

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