September 26, 2016 My First Record


Buddy Hackett, The Story Of The Love Bug, Disneyland ST-3986, 1969

It’s not everyday that you run across the first record you ever remember having.  I can’t remember what happened to my copy, purchased for me by an adoring relative (I can’t remember who, but I was probably about 3 years old).  So, even though it was going to blow my budget for September at a whopping $10, I went for it.  It really is in really great shape and thats hard to say about a 47 year old children’s record.


It’s not really a soundtrack to the still funny now Love Bug movie, but rather a retelling of the story of the movie narrated by co-star Buddy Hackett.  I wish it included the great late sixties theme music by George Bruns that was played while Herbie passed Corvettes and Lamborghinis on the track like they were standing still.  There are clearly different actors speaking on the record than acted in the movie, something that is still weird for me when I happen upon the movie.  I knew this record so well that the actual actors  in the movie just don’t sound right to me.  In any event, it’s a pretty entertaining thing to tie into a movie for kids, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything else like it.


It may be because this is a really deluxe package.  It’s a gatefold cover with a 12 page storybook inside so you can follow along.  This copy has it all in near mint condition, and the reason I had to jump on it is because kids like me were brutal on records like this.  When plastic needles wore down, we taped coins on the end to force the needle edge deeper into the groove, colored with random pens on the pictures and ripped the storybook inside to shreds.  That’s why good copies of records like this are hard to find in great shape.  Maybe nobody but me wants things like this, but they are a great mash-up of genres on vinyl, and I’m happy to get one back on my shelf.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $10, $749 Remaining

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