September 24, 2016 Her Hair Is Bottle Gold


Kim Carnes, Mistaken Identity, EMI American SO-17052, 1981

One great thing about cheap records is that you can find some pretty decent music for really not a lot of money.  Yes, sure, it doesn’t take a genius to find a download of Bette Davis Eyes, but you have to know where to look to find the album.  The good news is, records like this sold in the millions fairly recently as far as original vinyl goes, so it pops up all the time.


This record actually was certified platinum and spent four weeks at number one.  All based off the strength of Eyes.  It’s for sure one of those records that you can see people getting tired of and once it’s been played a few times, it sat on a shelf for years until it was sold at a garage sale or used record shop.


So be sure you hold out for a perfect copy like I did.  It may not be my most played album, but trust me, knowing I can hear Bette Davis Eyes anytime I want on it’s original issue record is a pretty great feeling.  And yes, I know the line is “Her hair is Harlow Gold” and not “Her hair is bottle gold”, but I like to sing it my way, ok?

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $761 Remaining

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