September 21, 2016 Oh God, Not Again


Tammy Faye Bakker, Love Never Gives Up, Pax Musical Reproductions R-2400, 1978

Unlike her husband, whose records were essentially just recorded sermons, Tammy Faye’s records veered deep into light Christian entertainment.  It’s not that the lady couldn’t sing, I would describe her as someone who shouldn’t sing.  I watched enough American Idol to imagine the questions Simon Cowell would ask during her audition.  Something like “Do you find that small animals turn up outside your house when you sing?”.


But no matter how cheesy the package (or the outfits, or the make-up), her personality does kind of come through.  It’s not something I will ever listen to again, but you can tell, certainly from this back cover, that she took The Word literally.  Unlike too many of her peers in the professional church, everyone was welcome to sing along with Tammy Faye.


I’m sure there was some scam to get people to buy this record, I doubt it would have ever been anything that was sold in a store.  After all, massive theme parks in the middle of nowhere don’t build themselves.  But everyone of these kind of record that I run across are always in really great shape.  I’m sure a grandmother made a few prayer requests that cost X amount of dollars, and this record was a thank you.  After grandma went to her reward, her kids and grandkids went through the records and took what they wanted (The Beatles) and donated what they didn’t want (Tammy Faye Bakker).  Even at $2, I’m sure I overpaid for this little piece of Heaven, but hey, it’s Tammy Faye.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $766 Remaining


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