September 20, 2016 Oh Lord!


Jim Bakker, How To Accomplish The Impossble, Pax Musical Reproductions PMR-7001, 1977

Where to begin…  The suit, the cheesy graphics, maybe the creepy grin on his face, all are easy topics here.  So is the Jim Bakker back story, which I encourage you to look up some snowy night around the fire.  Instead, I’ll get right to the record.


Wheesh is it amazing to listen to.  No matter what you can say about him, he did have the gift of gab.  I’d never really heard him speak, let alone preach, until I saw him crying on TV, but he certainly had a way with words.  It’s not even like he really says anything, it all seems to be run-on sentences and asides, with some Bible readings thrown in for good measure.  I really didn’t learn much about accomplishing things, except how to give money.  But Bakker’s voice had me hanging on every word, not that I could follow what he was talking about.


The Pax Record Company was started by Gary S. Paxton.  He was certainly a character in the music business, literally.  In 1960, a group called The Hollywood Argyles hit #1 with Alley Oop.  The comic character song was voiced by a young Gary S. Paxton.  Later he found the Lord and began his religious recording company.  I’m guessing Jim Baaker was a good get for his start-up.  I also got a great and hard to find Ranwood Records inner sleeve with the record.  Praise The Lord!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $768 Remaining

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