September 19, 2016 Listen To ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em


Elmer Bernstein, The Music From Marlboro Country, Special Products Division Of United Artists SP-107, 1967

I’ve seen old ads for Marlboro, from the era when it was considered a women’s cigarette.  I’m not sure when the big switch happened, but this album certainly came out in the era of The Marlboro Man.


It’s really nothing more than several variations of the theme from The Magnificent Seven.  Was that the background music for their TV ads?  I’m thankfully too young to really know, and I don’t care enough to look it up.  But I could certainly see a smoking cowboy riding across the plains to it.  Perhaps not the Bossa Nova version, but still.


I love corporate give away records.  Just smoke a carton or two of Marlboro and give the company your personal information, and you get a record that you’d probably never listen to!  They turn up in flea markets and Goodwill bins, usually in very good shape, because, really.  It’s the kind of record from a bygone era that people love to hear now and unleash their inner Don Draper.

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $769 Remaining

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