September 18, 2016 I’ve Always Wanted To Learn


Jimmy Bryant, Play Country Guitar With Jimmy Bryant, Dolton BST-17505, 1966

Records came out for every possible application.  It wasn’t a thing that people said, but there was a record for that.  Guitar lessons by record were a natural.  When you’re a struggling Seattle based label trying to please your corporate parent Liberty Records, a sale is a sale, and records don’t get much cheaper to produce than this one.


The packaging had to be a bit complicated though.  There’s a 10 page instruction booklet with some very simple instructions that may as well be hieroglyphics for all the sense they made to an air guitar player like myself.  And, while original owner took pains to bring this records from The Hague, Netherlands, somewhere along the line this record was in a flood, yet managed to keep the booklet intact, mold stains aside.


This is actually just one of a series of instruction records from Dolton Records.  The Ventures were the incredibly successful group that attracted Liberty to buy Dolton, so having them release more records for their adoring fans, the better for the company.  As an instrumental group that millions of people knew, they probably had a lot of credibility with struggling musicians.


Jimmy Bryant, though, I’m not so sure about.  Yes, he had a legitimate Country music resume, but I had to look him up.  Wikipedia says he “was difficult to work with”, so maybe after 20 years of being in the business this was the best deal he could get.  It’s a little sad, because I think he has something to teach me.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $772 Remaining


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