September 17, 2016 It’s So Easy


Frank Sinatra, Swing Easy & Songs For Young Lovers, Capitol 587, 1955

Technologies change.  Back catalogues don’t.  In 1955, the 12″ vinyl LP was pretty new on the scene, but much more durable and held more music than the old shellac 78 RPM records.  In fact, it was possible to fit two old albums onto one new one just because of the added capacity of the newer discs.


That’s exactly what Capitol Records did with Frank Sinatra’s back catalogue, and this album was the result.  Combining the huge selling Swing Easy with another album Songs For Young Lovers, Capitol was able to sell some recent hits by their biggest star to people who were upgrading to the new record players.


It’s Frank Sinatra at his best.  After the teen idol era, and career rejuvenation that came from winning an Oscar, but before he became The Chairman Of The Board and hung around a bit too long to try to remain relevant, these albums are exactly what every collector should have in their collection.  So my apologies to the people in Ranch Records for the scream I let out when I found this nice 61 year old record in their $1 bin.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $773 Remaining

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