September 15, 2016 I Dig Girls!


Various Artists, Rock And Roll And Girls, Girls, Girls, Modern Sound 515, 1963

My other discount “various artists” find of the week was this compilation of knock off recordings, all covers of 1963 hits with female names in their titles.  Unlike yesterday’s selection, this one is on the Modern Sounds label instead of the Hit Records label, but like yesterday’s selection, it was a Sam Phillips recording engineered by Billy Sherrill.


This production crew, in their down time from writing and producing American popular music classics, looked for cheap up and coming talent to re-record the hits of the day.  The records were then sold at a discount to the real recordings, usually at non traditional outlets like drug stores or from the trunk of someone’s car.


Even though this record is in pretty bad shape, I’ve never seen it.  Knowing the actual music so well, it’s jarring to hear the copies, noble efforts that they are.  There’s not one the comes close to the feel of the original, and it’s hard to imagine these recordings being hits on their own.  But they’re fun as hell to listen to!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $776 Remaining

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