September 13, 2016 The End At The Beginning


Chubby Checker, Twist With Chubby Checker, Parkway 7001, 1960

This is the record that started it all.  It’s easy to see why it was a hit.  A brand new artist on a brand new label from a red hot record company, with plenty of promotion on the hottest teen tv program, American Bandstand…it almost couldn’t fail.  That it caused an avalanche of copies, both good and bad, and set the tone for American Pop until the arrival of The Beatles doesn’t mean that on it’s own, this is a great record.


There’s no Twist lesson on the back, just a big picture of an 19 year old starlted by his sudden success.  The music is all dance related, perfect for what people bought albums for in 1960.  It really is all you need for a party, and it’s the perfect way to end Twist week.


It’s not in perfect shape, but it is the best copy I’ve ever seen.  Parkway was the brand new subsidiary of Philadelphia based Cameo Records.  Knowing that the label one was on would define you as an artist, it would be interesting to know if Parkway was started to keep Chubby Checker away from the teen idols Bobby Rydell and Fabian clean, ahem, white image.  Either way, this is a record that stands up today unlike virtually anything else the company released.  And it’s a record I’m glad I found.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $781 Remaining


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