September 12, 2016 Around The World For $2


Chubby Checker, Twistin’ Round The World, Parkway 7008, 1962

It’s usually good to be the king, but Chubby Checker doesn’t agree.  Perhaps being The King Of The Twist isn’t the same as being The King of England, or even The King of Rock & Roll.  Chubby feels so trapped by his twist typecast that he actually staged a one man protest outside the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  It probably doesn’t help though, that records like this are out there as evidence against his case for admission.


Naturally, there is the obligatory twist lesson on the back, this time with Chubby himself confusing things with solitary images of a fluid motion.  The Twist doesn’t really cry out for a Lasso Step.  But at least they did try a different approach with the music here.  It’s just that Chubby Checker clearly doesn’t speak Hebrew, German, French, Italian, Greek or Spanish.  And that is painfully obvious, beyond the fact that Let’s Twist Again doesn’t sound good auf Deutsch, especially off tempo.


I really do feel bad for the guy.  No one likes to be the biggest thing in music one day, and then unheard of for the rest of his life.  And peaking before age 25 has got to be hard.  It’s just that it’s really hard to find a record of his that passes the creative test.  Well, beyond the one, anyway.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $783 Remaining


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