September 10, 2016 ‘Round And A Round We Go Again


Robby Robber & The Hijackers, The Twist, Premier 156, 1962

America’s No. 1 Dance Hit has spawned another cover!  This time, the record label is called Premier, and the group is Robby Robber & The Hijackers.  But it’s still a cheaply produced and badly recorded of Chubby Checker’s own sub-par produced and quickly recorded cover of Hank Ballard’s original The Twist.

Naturally, there is no photography of the group. The goal of records like this was to trick people into buying it thinking they we’re getting the song they were hearing on the radio, so you couldn’t show the actual group in the off chance the buyer knew what Chubby Checker looked like.


The back cover is interesting, though.  Besides the usual confusing lesson on how to do the easiest dance ever, this discount record actually credits Hank Ballard and Chubby Checker. More than that though, fully 1/6 of the back cover has a write up on the group!  Apparently, the boys had been together for two years, and they were very proud to have this album be their (and, as it turns out, last) recording.


The Manhattan address for Premier Albums, Inc. was 356 West 40th Street.  It’s a prestigious location, above the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and across 9th Avenue from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  While I haven’t heard any bus horns on this particular album, I have a hard time imagining the Premier Studios as being a place where the musical arts can flourish.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $787 Remaining


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