September 9, 2016 Let’s Twist Again


Various Artists, Peppermint Twist, Crown Records 5249, 1962

The Peppermint Twist was a Number One hit in January 1962 for Joey Dee & The Starlighters.  So, naturally, the discount record companies jumped on it and rush released a cover version.  The Twisters may not be the most creative band name ever, but Joey Dee & The Starlighters isn’t exactly much better.  Naturally, there’s no artist picture, most likely because there wasn’t an actual group to photograph, but whomever it was did a B+ job of covering the hit.


Like most twist albums, especially discount twist albums, the back cover is nothing more than a dance lesson on how to do the dance.  This version actually makes something quite easy seem really hard.  Besides being confusing, they’re also pretty jet-age hilarious: “At no time is there any body contact between dance partners”.


But wait!  This record must have been so rush released that Crown Records couldn’t wait for other records by The Twisters to complete an album.  So, instead, they filled it up with other records from people, some of whom turned out to actually be really famous.  Ok, fine, there’s nothing vital about the other songs, but where else could you find Jump With You Baby by B.B. King, or tracks from Jimmy Witherspoon, and Marvin & Johnny.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $789 Remaining


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