September 2, 2016 A $2 Pleasure

vintage vintage haul 1 (83 of 113)

Alfred Newman, Music For Your Listening Pleasure, Mercury MG 20038, 1951?

The obvious statement here is that the man comes home on a Friday night, has a martini, and passes out three minutes after the lady puts on this record.  She does stretches along the wall with lesser records on the floor about to be stepped on.

vintage vintage haul 1 (84 of 113)

There’s precious little information about this record as well.  The picture seems very far out for 1951, yet that’s the only date for it I could find online.  Alfred Newman was an accomplished movie orchestra conductor and score composer.  I suppose it’s only natural that a record company would hire him and his orchestra to record and release music on their off days.  The self explanatory title makes this record a poor choice for waterboarding and executioners, but beyond that I have little desire to find out how much pleasure listening to this.  The cover is quite enough thank you.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $803 Remaining


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