August 31, 2016 I Think I Can!

vintage vintage haul 1 (94 of 113)

The Melachrino Strings, Music For Courage And Confidence, RCA Victor LPM-1005, 1953

If only it were this simple.  Long before the pharmaceutical industry took control of our moods, the record companies gave it a try.  This record doesn’t have much of an online footprint, so I can’t really speak to it’s effectiveness as a therapeutic device (I had zero courage to listen to this, combined with really high confidence that the appalling condition would ruin my modern turntable).  But I am perplexed why somebody needing to find the way forward should go to the edge of a cliff to ponder it.

vintage vintage haul 1 (95 of 113)

Rather than show our doubtful model heading back into town, the back cover leaves the listener with that open question.  It does however add some inspirational quotes from Thoreau, Seneca, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

vintage vintage haul 1 (96 of 113)

As I said, I doubt I’ll ever have the confidence to play this record.  But I’m so glad I have the courage to admit it.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $807 Remaining

August Summary:

$60 Spent ($1.94 Per Record)


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