August 20, 2016 Aquarius, And This Record Was Cheap.

vintage vintage haul 1 (41 of 113)

The Floaters, Floaters, ABC AB-1030, 1977

Yesterday, I wrote about always wanting to have the long album version of the disco classic Funkytown.  From the same batch of records comes this surprisingly mint condition record from a group called The Floaters.  They only ever had one hit, one cheesy cheesy hit, but their one album features 11:49 of it!  It was only poor timing that had the record hit the Hot 100 at the same time as some real disco classics.  The poor Floaters peaked at #2 for two weeks behind Andy Gibb (I Just Want To Be Your Everything) and The Emotions (Best Of My Love).

vintage vintage haul 1 (42 of 113).jpg

It’s probably a recipe for disaster to either name your group after your hit single or have a hit single titled after your group.  After all, The Rolling Stones never sang Like A Rolling Stone.  It just feels cheap and desperate and I really don’t know of any major act whose first big hit was named for their group.  About the closest I know of is a Jefferson Airplane B-Side called Blues From An Airplane, but B-Sides don’t really count here.

vintage vintage haul 1 (43 of 113)

The record is pretty much what you’d expect from a late 70s R&B vocal act.  The genre was on it’s way out with disco ruling the airwaves and rap music about to explode onto the scene.  The extra 7 1/2 minutes of Float On I’d never heard before today unfortunately don’t introduce other band member’s star signs and the physical attributes they appreciate in women, but it’s on par with a Spinners or Four Tops sound.  This is one of those records that I can’t wait to pull out and play with people over.  It’s absolutely a record that carries itself like…Miss Universe.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $829 Remaining


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