August 19, 2016 I Talk About It In German

vintage vintage haul 1 (38 of 113)

Lipps Inc., Mouth To Mouth, Casablanca 9128-042, 1979

Sometimes when I find a stash of cheap records, I don’t have the time to flip through them and really know exactly what I’m getting.  I just kind of grab and go and see what I bought after.  I’d been looking for a nice copy of this Lipps Inc. record for a while.  It has the 7:20 version of Funkytown and who wouldn’t want that?

vintage vintage haul 1 (39 of 113)

It wasn’t until I went to go and play it that I noticed how flimsy and oddly shiny the cover felt.  It did’t take long to see that somehow I found a German pressing of the US album.  There’s nothing really different, it’s the same music, but records made in other countries usually are of a lesser quality than US made ones.  I’m sure the only way to make an album affordable in a 1979 West Germany still waging a Cold War was to use thinner vinyl and laminated paper covers.

vintage vintage haul 1 (40 of 113)

The record’s label gives it’s Bavarian roots away.  There’s a stern looking warning at the bottom edge, some strange trademarks like GEMA added to a standard Casablanca label, and “Made In West Germany” printed under the catalogue number.  The actual vinyl is really flimsy too.  It plays well, but my search will continue for a nice US version.

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $831 Remaining


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