August 17, 2016 I Believe In Miracles

vintage vintage haul 1 (28 of 113)

The Miracles, The Power Of Music, Tamla T6-344, 1976

Motown was never one to abandon an artist that once sold records, even if they stopped selling records.  The Marvelettes had been broken up for years, but “new” albums kept appearing into the early 70s to no acclaim.  The Diana Ross-less Supremes fared much better, outselling their former lead singer to the point that Berry Gordy did his best to stop their career.

The reason was simple.  Original group contracts billed all recording costs to the groups, so why not throw as much spaghetti to the wall as you can in the hopes of getting a hit.  After all, they weren’t paying for it!

vintage vintage haul 1 (29 of 113)

The Smokey Robinson-less Miracles might have been the most successful of the “star” less groups.  In 1975, they, naturally enough, came up with a bizarre concept album that spawned the number one hit Love Machine.  This album was the follow-up, and like any Motown record, very groovy and nice to have.  And not just for the cover picture that seems to have the group wearing bell bottoms printed with a crowd of white hippies.

vintage vintage haul 1 (30 of 113)

Besides the music, the liner notes on the back are unbelievable.  Under the Simpson-esqe song title Love To Make Love, it reads “What can be more peaceful than a perfect physical union between a man and a woman, woman and woman, man and man, or group sex if thats your choice”.  That would make people clutch their pearls today, let alone 40 years ago.  In any event, it remains a truism for any record collector that you buy ANY affordable Motown record that you find.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $835 Remaining


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