August 16, 2016 The Sound Of Sellout

vintage vintage haul 1 (22 of 113)

Sammy Davis Jr., The Sound Of Sammy, Warner Special Products OP-1501, 1978

Say it ain’t so Sammy!  This is kind of a greatest hits package, but the worst kind of greatest hits packages.  Mr. Davis’ big hit single The Candy Man from 1972 is here, but most of the other songs are live versions recorded waaay past their original release.

vintage vintage haul 1 (23 of 113)

The real “wow” though, is not one, but too versions of The Alka Seltzer Song.  I’m sure by 1978, the offers weren’t rolling in, but could he have needed the money from schilling for a product like Alka Seltzer?

vintage vintage haul 1 (24 of 113)

Apparently yes.  For the record, the side two version of the jingle,  the rock (!) version, is the preferred one.  The big band version is just bad, as bad as you’d expect from a disco era studio orchestra.  The cover is so cheap that both sides have severe ring wear too.

I couldn’t find much information on this record, so i don’t if it was for sale commercially or if it was the kind of promo that you had to send away for.  The record is in really good shape, so my guess is the latter.  It’s just hard to think of Sammy Davis Jr and Alka Seltzer together in any kind of way.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $837 Remaining


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