August 13, 2016 Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter


Mike Douglas, The Men In My Little Girl’s Life, Epic LN-24186, 1966

January, 1966, and the Top 10 has hits by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, oh, and a record by the host of a local Philadelphia afternoon talk show host.  Mike Douglas was a fairly big name at the tail end of the Big Band area, but by the early 50s, he found himself trying to maintain a career, when a local tv station in Cleveland hired him to do an afternoon variety talk show.  TV led to a recording deal with Epic Records.


The Mike Douglas Show did really well, and by 1965 it was being nationally syndicated.  It was cheap to produce, but it attracted really big names while creating a genre all on it’s own.  There probably would be no Oprah without Mike Douglas.  This record, though, was really from another time.


It’s just a big bunch of schmaltz.  I’m sure it was bought by fathers who didn’t relate to Simon & Garfunkel and bought this to maintain a sense of control.  In the end though, the woodstock generation grew up and life moved on.  This is more of a novelty record now, hilarious in it’s imagery, and why you pretty much have to buy this record to be able to hear.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $843 Remaining

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