August 8, 2016 Yeah, I’ll Touch Your Cheek.


Merrilee Rush, Angel In The Morning, Bell 6020, 1968

So there is a Morning After after all.  In fact, many of them for the hit song from this album.  Many artists took a shot at it for a few years before Ms. Rush got her shot, but she made the most of it and the song hit the top ten.


The record was recorded in Memphis for Bell Records, which was enough to compel me to buy it.  So many landmark recordings came from there in the mid to late 1960s that I’ll buy anything recorded there and then.  This might not be my first choice for material, but the record is a wonderful Box Tops type pop/soul sound that I’ll give a few spins a year to.


It seems as though there were a few versions of this record.  Merrilee Rush came from the Seattle area, but found her backing band The Turnabouts in Memphis.  The first version of the cover has the band name featured, but the second version that I found replaces the band for the follow up single That Kind Of Woman.  Unfortunately, Merrilee Rush wasn’t the kind of woman that had a second hit record.

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $853 Remaining


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