August 7, 2016 Is There A Morning After?


Maureen McGovern, The Morning After, 20th Century Fox T-419, 1973

The Poseidon Adventure was a huge picture.  Big enough to be nominated for eight Oscars.  One of them was for Best Original Song, even though in the final film The Morning After is only heard for about a minute.  Naturally, there was a soundtrack album that also featured John Williams’ nominated score.  The studio had a singer who sounded like the actress who played the singer record the song, but 20th Century Fox had a better idea.


Get that new girl, the one with the demo.  Have her record it and we’ll put it out around Oscar time!  Maybe if the song wins, the record will catch on!  It worked.  The song peaked at #1 around the world and this album was rush released to capture on it.  It shows.


The best part, though, is not the quality of the music, but the promotional copy I found.  It was obviously sent-and used!- by a small market radio station.  Someone had the job of listening to this record and describing the tempo of each song (Don’t try To Close A Rose– MED.).  Radio Station copies generally mean the record will be in good shape because it was professionally handled, but small time stations that lacked the ability to record hot records onto a tape loop actually used records like this on the air.  That’s what happened here as the lead in to The Morning After is very worn out from multiple “cueing” of the record.  Luckily, I’m not in the music collecting business, but the record collecting business, because this is a nice record to have despite the condition of the one listenable song.

Today’s Summary:

Cost $1, $855 Remaining

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