August 5, 2016 The Devil Made Me Buy This Record.


Flip Wilson, The Devil Made Me Buy this Dress, Little David LD-1000, 1970

Comedy Albums.  They can be funny whenever, or not hold up well after 46 years.  Flip Wilson was a huge star, probably the first African-American to become a household name from comedy and about to burst on the TV landscape with his own variety show.  This album was one one of the first appearances of his best known character Geraldine.


The album charted into the mid-20s.  That alone was a huge achievement as late as 1970, but I just don’t think the material holds up that well today.  After all, a man in a dress is hardly the shock it used to be.  Thankfully, it’s also not so shocking to see an African American artist begin his own entertainment company and succeed at it, something Mr. Wilson absolutely did with Little David Records.


Like most comedy albums, this one is in very good condition.  Not only are comedy albums very affordable, but they usually didn’t get much play, so they are a great value.  I’m glad I got to hear this piece for comedy history, but it’s not a hugely funny record now.

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $858 Remaining


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