August 2, 2016 It Is Not A Mistake!


Men At Work, Cargo, Columbia 38660, 1983

At the risk of dating myself, this is an album I wish I had bought 36 years ago when I first heard it.  I was a huge Men At Work fan, to the point of not buying Men Without Hats Safety Dance because I thought they were riding on Men At Work’s coattails.  Of course, I now wish I had that record too.


Their first album (in the United States anyway), Business As Usual, introduced me to Vegemite (by way of Casey Kasem).  Their follow-up, Cargo, introduced me to the dreaded “second album letdown” that most bands fall into.  Meaning you work hard for years to build a following for your band and perfect one album’s worth of material that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams.  And then you have four months to come up with a follow up that no matter how hard you try just can’t compare.


Men At Work did themselves no favors by having the lead-off single from their second US album be Overkill, a pean to over-exposure and unworthiness.  Still, I was a Junior in High School and Australia may as well have been Saturn for how alien it was to me in New Jersey.  And for 18 months, Men At Work were my band!

Today’s Summary:

 Cost: $3, $863 Remaining


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