August 1, 2016 The $1 Renaissance


The Association, Renaissance, Valiant 5004, 1966

Listening to this album, you would never think that it was so fantastic that a major corporation would buy the small label it was released on just to own the contract of the group featured here.  Yet, that’s what happened just after The Association released Renaissance.

Sure, their previous album featured the top 10 smash Along Comes Mary, and the amazingly intensely mellow #1 hit Cherish, but the follow up record’s only top 40 single was the just plainly awful choice of Pandora’s Golden Herbie Jeebies.  Would you be surprised to learn that that song peaked at #35?


The album fared better than the single.  It peaked at #34 in January , 1967, by which time it was being sold on the classic orange Warner Brother’s label.  Yes, the big studio bought the tiny Valiant Record Company just to acquire the services of The Association.  The reissued album’s cover remained unchanged, I’m guessing because they didn’t sell many of them, and later buyers had the rare treat of opening a Valiant jacket and finding a Warner Brother’s record slide out.


I suppose I got a collector’s item with having the Valiant red and black label, but part of me wishes I had a second pressing just for the label variance.  Still, given how meh this record is, I’m sure I won’t see the label again for a few years.  (Because it’ll be hidden inside the untouched jacket in the “A” section of my collection…)

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $866 Remaning


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