July 30, 2016 Send Me To Goodwill


Julie London, Send For Me, Liberty LST-7171, 1961

I love Julie London records.  She never sold too many records, yet Liberty cranked out 2-3 a year for close to 15 years.  You just know that Don & Megan Draper had a few of them in their record collection.  This is music for the 3 Martini Lunch crowd, and the men who bought these records knew what kind of woman they wanted to listen to.


The kind that possibly wear nothing on their front cover, which is confirmed by a sketch of her on the back cover wearing nothing but a trench coat.  The songs back up the artwork.  Julie uses her sultry low voice to declare that she must have that man, points out how good she is for her baby, and pleads for said baby to come home.  Unbelievably, there’s a song with the title Tain’t What You Do.


Liberty released 31 albums in 14 years by Julie London.  Collecting them all would be a real feat considering only six of them charted.  That won’t stop me from trying!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $869 Remaining

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