July 28, 2016 Isn’t It Rich


Charlie Rich, Behind Closed Doors, Epic KE-32247, 1973

Charlie Rich was known as The Silver Fox, probably from the hair color that became his trademark from an early age.  He was also known for a very compelling body of work that he produced in a 30 year career in Rock & Roll, Country and Pop.  Unfortunately, in the music business, he was known as a cantankerous guy to deal with.  One of my favorite youtube videos to watch is of a drunk Charlie Rich announcing the 1975 Country Performer Of The Year Award.  He lights the announcement card on fire before he reads out the name John Denver to show his disgust.


But he did make some amazing records.  This was by far his best selling one, but his early Rock & Roll records for Sun and (Sam) Phillips International are amazing.  I love is one off single for RCA of Nice & Easy, and his late 60s Hi Records releases are well regarded northern soul classics.img_9939

There’s more to this one too beyond the two huge hits.  It’s almost as if this is the great 70s album that Elvis never made (Charlie Rich got his Sun contract because he sounded a little like Elvis!).  This one is also worthy of a few spins a year.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $881 Remaining

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