July 27, 2016 For The Good Times


Sonny & Cher, Good Times, Atco SD-33-214, 1967

Yes, Sonny and Cher made a movie.  Not a good movie, mind you, but a theoretically released motion picture.  Their co-star was the Oscar winning George Saunders, who you might remember from such films as All About Eve and Rebecca.  It was directed by Oscar winner William Friedken, the director of The French Connection and The Exorcist.  Directing Good Times may have been where he got the idea to use copies amounts of vomit.


But I’m not reviewing the movie (mainly because I’ve only ever seen clips of it).  It’s the record that I care about.  Acts like Sonny & Cher get to make movies because movies come with soundtrack albums.  And that’s generally where the profit margin is for a producer.  While this film lost money at the box office, the mediocre performance of the soundtrack pushed the project into the black.


While there are no new hits, the record is pretty damned good.  Mostly for the two new for the film versions of I Got You Babe.  One is an acoustic instrumental (and perfect for a wedding cocktail mix) and one is a vocal version of the same track.  The rest is kinda meh, but i’ll still give this one a few spins a year.

Today’s Summary: Cost: $2

$882 Remaining

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